Sunday, February 14, 2010

Front Yard

When we bought our house last year, it was bank owned. The lawn hadn't been watered in months. We started watering it and found that it was all weeds. The parkway had lots of prickly weeds which made it hard to walk on barefoot. So, we covered the whole yard in plastic to kill off the lawn, the weeds and anything else in the ground.

It's been about six months and last week we started lifting the plastic. The plastic was already off the parkway for a while (Don't use white plastic, it deteriorates.). We had some really good rains, so I figured now was a good time to start removing the new weeds from the parkway.

We spent a couple of days last week removing the weeds. Jim started shoveling off the top two inches of soil because the dirt was too high. We put it into the front yard to deal with in the days to come.

We loosened up the top of the soil left on the parkway. (That was a tough job.) Then we layered on some garden soil. I mixed the creeping thyme seed with sand and sprinkled it on the dirt. Then we put some sphagnum moss to help keep it moist. We also need to get some stepping stones to put here and there so people can cross easily. I'm really looking forward to the ground cover when it's grown.

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