Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I found something else for homeschooling that seems to be working well.  The kids have never done very well with memorizing their math facts.  I have seen Calculadders in various catalogs for years.  I finally decided to try them and they work really well.

It's a quick speed drill for math facts.  Each one page drill is designed to be finished in 2-3 minutes. You do the same page over and over until it is completed in the time frame and without error.  The kids still enjoy them, even though we've been doing them a couple of months.  And, they're actually making progress.

You can buy Calculadder books, but I bought them on CD.  It's really easy.  Each  morning, I simply print up one worksheet for each kid.  They do the worksheet and I correct them.  The program provides a great record keeping sheet for their progress also, so I have it all at my fingertips.

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