Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Kitchen, Cont.

The counters are in!  I've been looking forward to this.  The black, granite counters are in!  This is the only picture I have, because dh covered the counters with paper to protect them when the backsplash is put in.  But, I'll have more pictures later.

He also started installing the plumbing - faucet, garbage disposal. 

Backsplash is next. 


  1. It is critical to be really careful when working in kitchen. This is a location that contains both water and electricity. This makes the location quite dangerous as any negligence or mistake can lead to electrical shock. Other accidents might also occur if the job is performed by an inexperienced individual.

  2. Thanks for the concern. No worries, though. Dh is an electrical contractor. So, we have the safety issues handled.

  3. We build a new kitchen 3 years ago.. ohh that's a lot of work. I cooked out of my temporary kitchen in the mudroom for 4 months!.. Looks like things are progressing nicely!