Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Making Butter

Going through the Little House series, we read about Ma making butter. I realized it had been a while since we made butter, when none of the littles remembered doing it. So, we decided to make some ourselves. We don’t have a butter churn, so, we got some cream and a jar, and started shaking.

You can see that the kids are wearing the required homeschool uniform – PJs.

They took turns shaking. I helped a little. And, when they got that solid clump of butter floating in the buttermilk, just like the Little House description, they were really excited!

There it is. Beautiful homemade butter floating in buttermilk.

Next step was to strain off the buttermilk. We just poured it in a colander over a glass bowl. Look at those proud faces.

And, look at that lovely lump of butter.

They rinsed the butter until the water ran clear, just like Ma.

 Time to drink the buttermilk. They weren’t too impressed with that.

 Time to mix in the salt.

We packed the finished product in the butter bell. That’s as close as we get to butter molds.

What better way to enjoy freshly made butter, than on a piece of toast. Yum!

The only improvement on that would be to read Little House on the Prairie while eating toast with homemade butter.

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