Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Pretty Stuff is Up!

Disclaimer:  These are the “House Beautiful” pictures J  I did move several things off the kitchen counter to make the pictures look better.  So, if you show up at my house, the kitchen will look great (even if it is messy), but you won’t likely ever see it look like this J

We’ll start with the full kitchen view.

We finally got the pretty stuff up.  After they touched up the paint last week, we were ready to put the pretty stuff back up in the kitchen.  I’ve had the teacup holder up in the kitchen for years.  My friend (and much needed advisor for interior design) painted it and I put on new ribbon and flowers.  We have the same tea cups, but I think I’m going to change one out when I find just the right replacement. 

The bay window looks great.  I made a new valance to add a little color. ($7 for a yard of fabric from the fabric store and 15 minutes of sewing.) It’s light green with white polka dots. And, I love the crystals and tea trinkets that are hanging from the window sill. The flowers hanging from the curtain rod are oregano blooms from my garden.  I need another bouquet to hang from the other side. 

We distressed the frame to the left of the window sill.  Actually, we ended up distressing a lot of frames that day.  It was great. Most of them are in different areas of the house, so you won’t see pictures here.  The kids wanted to help and when you paint on the white, it doesn’t actually have to be done well.  So, even the 4 year old was helping.  Then the bigger kids and I did the distressing. 

And, here’s a view of the full wall.

On top of the oven is a basket of our everyday vitamins.  It looks really cute and they’re easy to access.

And, here’s a snazzy feature.  The granite guys took the piece that they cut out for the cook top, cut it into two pieces, polished the edges and made cutouts on the bottom to make it easy to pick up.  I usually leave one on my counter.  But, when we have lots of people over for potlucks and such (which is usually at least twice a month), I can put the pieces on the cooktop and make more counter space.  It’s awesome!

I went to the open-air antique market today for some finishing touches.  I found this cute little thing. I’ll have to put some flowers in it. 

I also found this milk bottle from 1947 to add to my lineup.  I like the pink tint it has.

And, last but not least, I found a saucer to use as a spoon rest.  I want a couple more for the other counters in the kitchen. I’ll have to keep looking until I find just the right plates at just the right price.  I can get a beautiful saucer for cheaper than a spoon rest from Target. And, I couldn’t resist the cute little salt shaker with glass beads in it.  I found them in a shabby chic stand at the market today. I loved that stand.

So, that’s it for the kitchen blogs.  I feel so blessed to have this awesome kitchen and my wonderful  husband who pulled it all together.  And, I’m looking forward to sharing it with many people in the years to come.


  1. It is beautiful and works efficiently!

  2. Dear M, I'm new to your blog and love your kitchen. Adding you to my Daily Read List ! Love your Passover post's, great way to teach kids about Passover !