Thursday, January 24, 2013

Today, my baby turns 5. Which also means … I have no more babies. For some reason, I’ve always thought of age 5 as a milestone for my kids. I mean, they’re not a baby anymore. They are somewhat independent. Diapers and diaper bags are a thing of the distant past. If I ask them to get their shoes and get in the car, they can do that entirely on their own. They can even buckle their own seatbelt. They pour their own drinks – unless it’s from a full gallon container. They toast their own toast. Serve their own cereal. Do school work. They can sit quietly. And, usually, they can even listen to reason.

Even though it’s easier in a lot of ways – I can’t help but miss those babies. No more babies for me. The baby factory is apparently shut down. It’s a new chapter in life. We’ll see what exciting things God has for us in the future. Happy birthday, Arianah!

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