Tuesday, May 12, 2009

E's Birthday

We celebrated Elijah's birthday last Saturday.  It was also family dinner night (our monthly family get-together) and a chance to meet my nephew's new girlfriend.  It was a great evening.

Elijah wanted a Spider Man cake, which my wonderful mother gladly made for him.  

He loves this gift.  He plays with it all the time rearranging the figures and telling stories.

Arianah enjoys someone's leftovers. 

Uncle Daniel partied too hard and needed a nap (after cooking us a delicious dinner).


  1. What a fun party! When we lived by our family we would do big get togethers like that. They were always a blast!

    Hey, does your mom cake decorate?


    P.S. Hava has been enjoying everyone's leftovers whenever she can too. :) I just caught her eating cinnamon roll icing from the garbage, and now I see her finishing up someone's sandwich. :b That child is a free range baby!

  2. Free range baby. I love that. Yes, my mom decorates cakes.