Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goals for the Week

A friend of mine put her goals for the week on her blog, so I thought I’d follow suit.

1.    1.    Put away snow clothes from our snow vacation.  They’re all washed.  Now they need to be sorted into their containers and put back up into the attic.

2.   2. Weed front yard.  I got way behind on weeding during the chilly and rainy winter months.  But I am finally getting caught up.  My mom helped me for hours yesterday, so that was good.  Today I finished that area.  I have some more to do, but the yard is looking great!

3.   3. Prep garden beds.  I won’t complete those this week, but it’s time to start getting the beds ready for planting.  I have to add some layers of soil, manure, etc.  And, I have to replace drip hoses that have leaks.

4.   4.  Prep for home fellowship.  We will be having a home fellowship again this week and I have to get the house ready.  I also have to prepare food for the potluck.

5.   5.    Put out spring decorations.  I’m done with winter.  It’s time to put out the lamb decorations to remind us of Passover.

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