Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Garden Info

So, we've finished the garden beds.  Here is a picture of Hannah scooping the last of the compost into the wagon.  It took us nine days to transfer 4 yards of dirt from our driveway to the back yard.

Here's the little guys doing a cheesy post in the melon patch.

Here they are putting the final touches on the melon patch.  The boys are mulching with the lawn clippings that Jessikah set aside when she mowed the lawn today.  Hannah is watering the newly planted watermelon seeds.

And here are our five garden beds.  The farthest one we're having a problem with.  Scooter likes to walk through it.  Hmmm ... what to do.  The two green beds have several plants in them already and are mulched with today's grass clippings.  The two closest beds are ready for planting.  Tomorrow we'll plant some seeds.

Then we'll see how our garden grows :)

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  1. Those really look great, Missi. Looks like you may have a bumper crop... you'd better prepare to can, freeze and dry (ok, if there is any left after your helpers get through with their fair share!)