Thursday, April 30, 2009

Working on the House

Since the garden beds are finished, we have one last big house remodeling project.  Jim is working hard on the laundry room.  Right now, this is how it looks.  

He will be working on it this weekend.  I am so excited to see it done.  Before,  it had room for was a washer and dryer - that's all.  Now we will have my laundry storage, washer, dryer, large stainless utility sink and some counter space.  And probably some shelves on the wall, too.  This is of course, the laundry room, but it also holds baby clothes, my scrapbooking supplies and homeschool supplies in the cupboards at the end of the room.

If you'd like to see other before and after pictures of our house, go to Rebekah's blog post.  She did a great job a while back posting pictures.

When we first saw this place, we knew it had potential but would take a lot of work. Cosmetically, it was YUCK!  By the time we moved in, I couldn't believe this house was ours.  I love what we have done with it.  Of course, it will always be a work in progress, but the majority is done and we are enjoying our blessings.

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